Are you using these apps to create your visuals on social media?

If you didn’t know already, graphics and images are hot on social media right now. You can use them to promote your products, show off behind the scenes and teach your audience how to do something in the form of a cool infographic. You may have noticed some brands killing it with their visuals

What apps should you use to create your visuals on social media?

Word Swag

I’m loving Word Swag at the moment and use it all the time to create my visuals.


Use Word Swag to create easy images to share on social media


Download the app on your phone. Then you can either take a photo on the fly or use one of their backgrounds. You can also access your camera roll so save some great backgrounds there to use.

Word Swag is easy to use to create graphics for your blog


Simply double tap to change the text, add your quote and save it. There are different layouts you can choose from so go through them all and try all of them.


Final image on Word Swag


Canva is a DIY design tool that makes it easy to create images and graphics for your blog and social media posts.


Use Canva to create professional graphics

Choose which design you wish to create. The beauty of these pre-designed templates is that you never have to remember what size you need for which platform Рthey are already sized for you.


Use Canva to create visually appealing quotes

Choose the layout that you want to use, then create your quote. It is very easy to batch create enough images for a week and doing it that way will save you time as well.



Another tool I use regularly is PicMonkey. This was the design tool of choice before Canva came along. The best thing about PicMonkey, that Canva does not have (yet!) is that you can upload and use your own fonts.


PicMonkey is a great tool to use to create graphics


You can create a few basic designs with PicMonkey. Clicking Design above will allow you to choose between the different layouts.



PicMonkey allows you to upload and use your own fonts



There are lots of different editing functions in PicMonkey. Some of them are free and some are available with the premium account.


PicMonkey has amazing editing features


These are my top 3 tools for creating images. Of course there are many more, but these are the ones I use every day.

What tools do you use to create graphics?

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