Here are my favourite tools and apps to get you started with your social media and running your business online:

Hootsuite: As a social media virtual assistant, I love to use Hootsuite. There are so many social media networks these days and keeping track of them all can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Enter Hootsuite. There is a free version to get your started, and if you love it, you can upgrade to Hootsuite Pro, which is the paid version.

The paid version is great for your business because you can manage and post to multiple social profiles. (You can add 5 profiles in free version and up to 100 in the paid version). You can also set up keyword searches and track all your mentions so you never forget to respond to your customer. You can also schedule messages in bulk so your daily social media time is for engaging with audience and not wondering what status update you should write next.

Hot Tip: Download the app to use Hootsuite on your smart phone while you are out and about. Click here for a Free 30 day trial of Hootsuite

Feedly: A big part of social media is staying up to date with the latest news and sharing other people’s content as well as your own. The best way to do this is to use Feedly. You can save all your favourite blogs in one place and the clean, simple interface is great to use. It integrates well with Evernote and Buffer, and you can share via your social networks without ever leaving Feedly.

Buffer: As much as I love Hootsuite, I also love Buffer. I use Hootsuite to schedule my own content and monitor my streams but I use Buffer in conjunction with Feedly to share other people’s content across my social networks. The thing I like about Buffer is that you can choose when you want content to go out, and you can schedule different networks at different times so the same update is not going out to all networks at exactly the same time. You can also track your analytics so you can keep track of what your audience enjoys.

Evernote: I’m a huge advocate of Evernote and use it everyday. Every Word Doc, Excel, PDF file I create gets saved in Evernote. You can use it on your desktop, web or mobile device so your notes are accessible anytime, anywhere. There are free and premium versions available – the premium gives you a better search function and greater monthly upload capacity as well as better collaboration with your team.

Skitch is great for images. You can use annotations such as arrows or shapes to get your point across faster and give feedback to your team. You can share your image via social media or email, and it saves automatically in Evernote too.

Asana is a simple project management tool that you can use to assign tasks to yourself and your team and manage every detail with ease. You can create projects, assign tasks to team members and stop the back-and-forth emailing! Emails get lost so when you use Asana you always know the status of a project and you can even share projects with your clients. This is great if you work with international clients and team members and want to know where they are with their work but can’t phone them at 3am!

Mailchimp makes sending out a newsletter so easy with its drag and drop interface. You can also manage your subscribers and track your campaign’s performance. Mailchimp is free for 2000 subscribers so it’s a great starting point for small businesses.

Dropbox is a cloud storage system that allows you to drag and drop files from your computer into the desktop app and it automatically syncs online. Now you can access every file from your smart phone or any other computer you can log into. No more losing your laptop and losing everything

LastPass is a password management system so you never have to remember your passwords. LastPass generates secure passwords and then saves them in your vault. You can protect your master password with two-factor authentication for even more protection. Get the pro version to use it on your smart phone as well.

If you have any questions regarding the tools mentioned here or have any suggestions of your own, Contact me and let me know!

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